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Medichip.com is the flagship internet site of the Medichipô biotechnology advertising network.  Medichipô provides targeted advertising opportunities for innovative firms engaged in the application of computer chip technology to the medical sector.  Medichipô also provides information concerning current and pending developments in the application of computer chip technology to medical diagnosis and treatment including Laboratory-On-a-Chip (LOC) devices that integrate one or  multiple laboratory functions on a chip. Relevant applications of computer chip technology the the medical sector include -- lab-on-a-chip design with microfluidics; microfluidic integrated circuitry that handles extremely small fluid volumes; massive parallelization; bioanalytical applications such as biochemical assays and capillary electrophoresis; implantable microchips; micro total analytical systems; nanotechnology (including nanoelectrospray ionization, nanobiotechnology, nanosensors, and nano-pipetting); and immunoassays, nucleic acid assays, single cell genetics.

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Medichip.com is a specialty-niche advertising and promotional service that focuses on the promotion of cutting edge applications of computer chip technology to the field of medicine.  We offer competitive rates on related advertising on medichip-related web-sites. The following are the online advertising opportunities that are currently offered through Medichipô. An advertising banner (500 x 100 pixels or other size, dimensions flexible) with a link to your company and/or product can be placed on Medichip.com.  Although future search engine performance can not be guaranteed, Medichip.com currently in the top 10 search results from a major search engine search for the phrase "Medichips."  Cost is $20/month.   Multi-month discounts are available upon request.    Please contact us at: 

c/o Virtual Search
13033 Ridgedale Drive, #140
Minnetonka, Minnesota 55305-1807

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